"Maria Fernanda in Time" Comedy Film: Houston Comedy Film Festival Spring 2017 Official Selection

"Maria Fernanda in Time" is a fun comedy film from Spain, which has a long history of screening great films over the years in the Houston comedy Film Festival. You'll be laughing if you catch this film at Houston Comedy Film Festival: Spring 2017 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Mason Park on Saturday April 8th, 2017. Cast and Crew: Director Xavier Pijuan Executive Producer Carles Isern, Starring Mercè Carrió & Pere Costa, Cinematography by Nerea Masferrer, Production Designer Julia Cabeza, Production Manager Oriol Viver, Assistant Director Àlex Altés, Sound Mixer Jan Martínez. Visit the "Maria Fernanda in time" official website. Tagline: "An overprotective mother produces an accident with terrible consequences in the space-time continuum in the scientific laboratory where his son works."
"Maria Fernanda in Time" Comedy Film


  1. If you can't stand crowd then for sure get to event venue here early to start off your night. Our group did this just a few days ago and quaffed down some tasty beers and ciders before making our escape to further escapades in the city.


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