"Instapocalypse" Comedy Film: Houston Comedy Film Festival Spring 2017 Official Selection

"Instapocalypse" is a Microshort Comedy Film from Norway with stunning visuals and a great comedic pay-off. Director Martin Sofiedal captures the look and feel of popular horror film dramas  with an excellent cinematic look. You'll be laughing if you catch this film at Houston Comedy Film Festival: Spring 2017 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Mason Park on Saturday April 8th, 2017. Produced by Alexander Balchen, Starring Cecilie Svendsen, Patrick Finzi, Asborn Roen Halsten. Cinematography by Magnus OweTagline: "Two friends find a working iPhone during the zombie apocalypse, but their longing to post pictures on Instagram soon turns them against each other."
"Instapocalypse" Comedy Film


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