"Notorious Corn" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

He is just a small grain of corn, but he has big dreams of fame and glory. And he's going to succeed...unfortunately. Find out the hilarious cost of fame in this funny microshort.

Director Mallory Grolleau

Mallory Grolleau alterne films "de création" et films "de commande" dans divers registres : fiction, documentaire, corporate, clip. Souvent sélectionnés en festivals et/ou diffusés à la télévision, ses films sont marqués par un univers bien spécifique, fait d’esthétisme et d’intensité.

Mallory Grolleau creates movies in diverse registers : fiction, documentary, corporate, clip. Often selected in festivals and/or broadcasted on television, his movies are marked by a very specific universe, made of aestheticism and intensity.


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