"Marigolds" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

Ryan wasn't naturally gifted at the art of people. After a devastating blow to existential place in the universe. He ponders...how can I matter?

Director Jillian Acreman

Jillian Acreman is a writer, filmmaker and producer based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Originally from Ontario, Acreman shot her first short film "Broke" in 2009. She has made five shorts and produced two others. Jillian’s short films Broke, The Editor, The Man Who Sold the World, and The Art of Decay, a short silent film about aging, featuring NB Moncton’s Atlantic Ballet Theatre have done extremely well on the festival circuit. She has been awarded with several artsnb grants, the New Brunswick Short Film Venture Grant, and won the CBC/Telefilm 3-2-1 Award in 2011. Acreman’s first feature is currently in development and she recently completed her newest short film, Marigolds.


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