"Exit Survey" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

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Wouldn't you love to know EXACTLY why someone dumped you? One woman's quest for lal the answers begins with an EXIT SURVEY. And of course hilarity ensues.

Director Thom Harp

After graduating with degrees in theater and film, Thom Harp began his career as a cinematographer. Go figure. He shot features and shorts for directors like Julia Sweeney and Lynn Shelton and his music videos and documentary footage of the explosive Seattle music scene are on permanent display at the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

Since turning his attention back to writing and directing, he’s made four award-winning shorts, including 8 MINUTES TO LOVE, starring Emmy-winner Sandra Oh, and FORTUNE HUNTERS (both on iTunes) which have played in over 75 festivals worldwide, and have been featured on IFC, HBO and Canal+. He also wrote and directed PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE, a mockumentary pilot for Rainn Wilson’s SoulPancake starring Randall Park (THE INTERVIEW, ABC’s “Fresh off the Boat”).

His script DRUNK DIAL is set up at Stage 6/Sony and he is currently prepping to direct his first feature HOME DELIVERY, produced by Voltage Pictures.

Director Statement

When someone breaks up with you, the first thing you want (after torching their bed) is to find out the REAL reason why. But you may not like what you hear. Co-writer Kris Carey and I were riffing on all the questions we wish we could have asked our exes when we wished there were an app for that. Now there is (patent pending).

Exit Survey, like all good comedy, has a lot of pain lurking under the surface. I wanted to lampoon our tech-obsessed, data-crunching, left-swiping lifestyle and at the same time get at the truth of "when you need to know if it's YOU or THEM."


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