"Business Trip" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

A woman is devastated when she finds out the plane her husband is on. She's upset, can hardly move. But not for the reason you think...!
Director Anthony Dillon
Anthony Dillon is an award winning filmmaker, writer, performer and musician based in Melbourne, Australia.
In 2015 he completed the Foundation Year of film-making at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) School of Film and Television.
He also holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Melbourne.
During his study at the VCA, Anthony wrote and directed four productions and crewed on over ten short films in multiple roles including First Assistant Director, Production Design, Sound Designer, Gaffer, Sound Recordist & Boom Operator, Camera Assistant, Continuity and Runner.
He works as a freelance filmmaker, musician and performer, and in 2016 has two short films in preproduction including a comedy based around primary school days.

Director Statement:
I was intrigued by the idea of someone telling a blatant lie that had long term consequences if found out. When found out, what would they do? - come clean or spend rest of their life in limbo?
A friend told me the urban myth about the man who couldn't leave his mistress's apartment as he told his wife he was flying on business, and the plane crashed. I liked the story, but didn't think it was strong enough to be told visually.
Structure of a story is very important to me, and it took a long time to get the structure right before starting script-writing. Originally, the story was from the husband's point of view, but it just wasn't coming together cleanly. It was a breakthrough that came in a flash - switch the story to be from the wife's point of view. (I'm very proud of holding off the script writing until this was sorted.) Also, the story needed a strong visual sting at the end.
I'm very proud also, of the way the story's "slow burn" - is she really upset the plane has crashed? or ss she happy? Is she disappointed he is lying? or that he is still alive?
As a comedy, Business Trip reminds us that if you are going to get into the habit of lying, you need a good memory, and also a bit of luck!!


  1. I've seen a couple of other events at other places, but this was my first time in here. It was amazing! Great Chicago event venues, it's smaller than those bigger places but it is still a fair sized venue. Food was great and I think it's recently renovated - it didn't seem old or anything.


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