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HCFF Fall 2016: Houston Comedy Film Festival Official Selections & Awards

“A Bumpy Ride”Directed by Chang Shu“A Toast” Directed by Sam Casey“Business Trip”Directed by Anthony Dillon“Complimentary Breakfast” Directed by Conner Keesling“Doomsday Ready' Directed by Mark Jackson“Doucheahoilcs” Directed by Sean McCarthy“Dr. Sunshine's Office - Episode 5: Dysfunction” Directed by Joel Salaysay“El Audífono (The Earpiece)” Directed by Samuel Quiles Palop“Exit Survey” Directed by Thom Harp“Fair Games”Directed by Grant Moore“Fanny Pack” Directed by Uttera Singh“Gynecologist: The Musical” Directed by Andy Byrd“Honey Pot” Directed by Merve Tekin“Invisible Men Invade Earth” Directed by David Davis“Marigolds” Directed by Jillian Acreman“McClane” Directed by Stanley Sievers“NAMCAR Night Race” Music Video Directed by Lance Khazei“Ninja Kitchen” Directed by Yishan Lin“Notorious Corn”Directed by Mallory Grolleau“Now's A Bad Time” Directed by Michael Oberst“Only Wanna Party” Directed by Brian Kohne“One Champion” Directed by JohnMark Triplett“Smooth Moves” Directed…

"The Party Pooper" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

A man is forced to go number two at a party and discovers that there is no toilet paper in the bathroom. Kurt Schneider is a Director and a Producer at Eightfold Creative. Kurt graduated from Michigan State University with two separate degrees in film and business marketing. As a young child filmmaking became one of Kurt's biggest hobbies. He is known for his sense of humor and comedic timing which translates directly into many of his films. Kurt is also known for his empathy and his ability to relate to others. This has allowed him to have great success in the cause marketing arena. During his time at Michigan State University, Kurt was a scholarship athlete on the Track and Field team. He was a 2-time All-American in the decathlon and was academic All-Conference.

"McClane" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

When a renegade cop employs unconventional methods, does the end justify the means?
Director: Stanley Sievers is a writer/director based in Chicago, IL. Previously, his short "Billy Goat" was nominated for best short under five minutes at Austin Comedy Film Festival. He directs shorts with his sketch group, PVRTY WOLF. Combined, the members of PVRTY WOLF have training at renowned Chicago comedy theaters iO Chicago, Annoyance Theater, and Second City as well as Columbia College Chicago. Stanley's favorite thing to do is write/direct comedy and make his friends laugh.

Director Statement
McClane was born out of my love/hate for the "rogue cop" stereotype that's ever so prevalent in movies & tv today. On one hand, I love to watch action packed scenes where one person is throwing everything to the wind and following their instincts. On the other hand, I couldn't help but imagine what that would look like in real life. Directing McClane helped me find the …

"Gynecologist: The Musical" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

An unsuspecting Sarah Peters is in for the surprise of her life when she visits her new gynecologist's office for the first time. The doctor is in ...

"Doomsday Ready" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

Homemade movie from a Doomsday survivalist and prepper, as he prepares for the impending collapse of civilisation, which maybe sooner then he thinks.

"Honey Pot" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

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Summary: "After picking up a dippy blonde on the side of the road, Frank; a lonely yet affable livestock inseminator, throws caution to the wind by using his professional skills for a more pleasurable pursuit."
Merve Tekin, the director, is born and raised in Istanbul/Turkey. She is working in film/TV industry for 14 years. She has shot TV shows in New York and mostly in her original country Turkey. She directed 600 episodes of TV show which is sold to 22 countries all over the world. She has shot a feature documentary about the big riot in Turkey in 2013 which is in post production process. After shooting this documentary, she moved to Los Angeles to study film.

"Fanny Pack" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

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Summary: "Fanny Pack is a comedy about a young Indian-American woman who wants to follow her dreams, and a fanny pack clad Indian father who chases his daughter through an airport hoping that she will follow his."

Starring Brian George (Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld), "Fanny Pack" is a fun film about the ridiculous double standard of the TSA and the challenges that minorities face when trying to get through security at the airport.

Drama has always been a part of Uttera Singh’s life. On the day she was born in the city of Indore, India, her mother was hit by a firecracker. That fiery spirit is still very much alive in her. After attending her parents school and dashing their dreams of her becoming a teacher, Uttera moved to New york to pursue a degree in Journalism and Theatre Arts from Adelphi University. While she loved the craft of acting, she soon realized she wasn’t being offered roles that she found challenging. She decided to take matters into …

"Fair Games" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

Harold attempts to save his failing relationship by dragging his girlfriend to the fair. The couple gets a lot more than they bargained for when they're mistaken for mob informants and kidnapped. The couple will have to use their wits to escape, if they ever realize they're in danger!

Grant Moore is an award-winning filmmaker hailing from Dallas, Texas. Grant graduated with a B.S. in Film-Television-Digital Media from Texas Christian University and is currently earning his MFA in Directing at Chapman University in Orange, CA. Grant enjoys making people laugh and making his mother second guess her parenting skills through his art.

"Focus Group" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

Depressed, unemployed Sara, 34, gets a very mysterious invitation that leads to a life-changing offer.
Dutch-American filmmaker Heather Fink came to filmmaking from comedy. She has been making funny videos since she was a kid, growing up in a small town in New Jersey. She started performing standup comedy in NYC in 2005, and continued making funny videos, doing improv, and sketch comedy. In 2009 she began NYU's Grad Film program as Writer/Director. As a filmmaker she's directed top comedy talents, including Hannibal Buress, Zach Cregger, Angela Trimbur, Will Hines, Kevin Allison, Sara Benincasa, Curtis Gwinn, Bobby Tisdale, Slovin and Allen, and Ann Carr. Before entering NYU's Graduate Film Program as writer/director, she was educated at GWU in Philosophy, Politics, and Law, as well as training in theatre and the arts. Her upcoming MFA thesis film, "Inside You," is her feature debut. Heather and "The Focus Group" writer/star Sara Benincasa have collabo…

"The Driving Seat" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

One Saturday morning, a middle aged couple decide to make love in their car in the driveway to put a spark back in their marriage - only to find it has rather the opposite effect...

Phil Lowe has a twin background in creative arts and business psychology: after reading English at Cambridge University, he trained as an actor at The Drama Studio London, and worked as a writer and performer in young people’s theatre, and in radio comedy for the BBC and Capital Radio. He also holds an MSc in Organisational Behaviour from London University and an MA in Screenwriting from the University of the Arts London. Much of his writing work draws on his business background: he has co-authored two business books and was co-deviser and writer of seven series of The Board Game for BBC Radio 4. He has featured as a business expert on BBC Breakfast (BBC1) Today (Radio 4) and Newstalk (Radio 5 Live) and is a leadership consultant for a number of international companies. Phil is the author of two …

"Now's A Bad Time" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

Sometimes being sentimental means watching life go by...Not everyone is sentimental.

A dark comedy about two guys doing nothing wrong. They are only trying to pry a grieving mother for her deceased sons personal info to sell for a small (but reasonable) profit.

Michael is a former grocery store employee turned stand up comedian and filmmaker. He spent many years as a child before entering adulthood. He has worked as a producer on Tethered (2015) and Bloom (2016). He also made the short documentary Becoming Grace Towers (2015). His work been featured at a variety of festivals domestically and internationally. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Cinema with honors in May 2016. This is Michael’s first film that he wrote and directed, but now that his appetite has been whet he plans on using the momentum from this film to make another short and a feature within the next year.

Director Statement
I worked in a grocery store for 4 years. I was in film s…

"Douchaholics" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

Doucheaholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women who exhibit poor behavior and want to better themselves in a supportive, healing, and nurturing environment. Free of judgement and hostility, DA provides a safe haven for those with proclivities for social misconduct and general immorality. With understanding and full hearts, the group moves forward, one day at a time, to present their best selves to the world and live in harmony with all mankind.

Not really.

Its just a bunch of douchebags. In a meeting. Being douchey.

"Marigolds" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

Ryan wasn't naturally gifted at the art of people. After a devastating blow to existential place in the universe. He can I matter?

"Smooth Moves" Official Selection of the Houston Comedy Film Festival Fall 2016

Tensions rise when a flirtatious game of one-upmanship turns an office into a battleground.
Office mates Mike and Sara get so caught up in their war of pranks, they don’t notice that their actions have a decidedly darker effect on their coworker Larry. Burdened by looming deadlines and family drama, Larry snaps, getting revenge in his own unique way.
Chris Beauchamp
Chris Beauchamp is a photographer, writer, and filmmaker based in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Since 2013, he has written, directed, and produced several short films, including the PRIMAA Frantic48 award-winning films DATING BITES and THE SOUVENIR (both with Gordie Haakstad). He was the cinematographer on SOPHIA, written and directed by Rory Mells in 2013, and COLD DECISION, written and directed by Gordie Haakstad, which screened at the 2015 Reel Shorts Film Festival. He was a producer and the cinematographer on Susie Winters’ upcoming short film CURRY FAVOUR, which filmed in Wembley, Alberta, in 2015.

He is an active…