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Houston Comedy Film Festival 2016 Award Nominations

The Houston Comedy Film Festival 2016 will take place on Friday Night, May 6th, 2016 
Time: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Place: 14 Pews Theater, 800 Aurora St Houston TX 77009
HCFF 2016 Nominations for Best Micro Short Film "Be Yourself Cafe" Directed by Mark Kiefer (Boston, MA)"6 Trillion Dollar Man" Directed by Jeff Wish"Action Inc." Directed by Julia Myers (Silver Springs, MD)"Chinese Treachery" Directed by Jake Balfour-Lynn (London, UK)"Lanky Scoliosis" Directed by Tim Murray (New York, NY)
HCFF 2016 Nominations for Best Short FilmGet the Hell Out” Directed by Regan Arevalos, Jess Castro, Larry Garza (Selma, Texas)“Native Immigration” Directed by Eric Romero (Barcelona, Spain)“Think Twice” Directed by Eliaz Rodriguez (Chicago, Illinois)“At Last” Directed by Anna Skrypka (Los Angeles, California)“Blind Date Rules” by Directed Christine Chen (Austin, Texas)
HCFF 2016 Nominations for Best Feature Film “Driving While Black” Directed by Paul Sapiano (L…

Houston Comedy Film Festival 2016 Official Selections

I want to give a special thank you message to everyone that submitted films to the Houston Comedy Film Festival. We never imagined when we started this film festival in 2008 that it would grow to this size. There were over 500+ submissions combined with Screenplays and Films. So many of these decisions are difficult and our Notification Date has been delayed by two days. We make sure that every film is watched from the beginning to the end by 12 judges before making final decisions. 12 judges read every letter of every screenplay from the Title to the End, before making a final decision. We take this process seriously and understand the investment that each filmmaker has made in time, energy, creativity and money. We are filmmakers ourselves, and we treat all of you, the way we would want a film festival to treat us. All submissions will be announced on Monday April 11th, 2016 (instead of April 9th) for all categories. We have some of the categories decided. Please refresh this page … Mockumentary Series to be launched by Michael Fertik and Martin Sweeney

Houston Comedy Film Festival Alums, Martin Sweeney and Michael Fertik bring high production value to a great mockumentary series. Here is there official release: