Houston Comedy Film Festival 2011 Official Selections

“127 Seconds” - Directed by Chris Buongiorno
“Abduct Me!” - Directed by Lucien Knotter
“Air Sick Love” - Directed by Roderick Fenske
“Appy Ever After” - Directed by Rupert Le Poer Trench
“April” - Directed by Mike Piccirillo
“Behave” - Directed by Don Worley
“Bip, Bip” - Directed by Phillipe Gregoire
“Brown Duck” - Directed by Ryan Becken
“Chrysalis” - Directed by Zachary Mattson
“Connected” - Directed by Chris Connatty
“Deadbeat TV Vol. 2” (Selects) - Directed by Steven Katz
“Earthbound” - Directed by Jose Asuncion
"Face 2 Face" - Directed by Blake Van De Graaf
“Fantasy Night” - Directed by John Bessolo
“Flatmates 3.0” - Directed by Francesco Marisei
“Friday Night Tights” - Directed by Joonki Park
“GoldenBox” - Directed by Matt MacDonald
“Graffiti Box” - Directed by Andreas Goldfuss
“Hair Rules” - Directed by Ryan Becken
“Half Hearted” - Directed by Max McGill
“Hard Rubbish” - Directed by Steve Mitchell
"How to Be a Good Listener” - Directed by Michael Ofenheim
“Inside Out” - Directed by Taylor Rummell
"Just Like Us" - Directed by Ahmed Ahmed
"Left and Loose in THE LOT" (Sacramento, California)
"Lost in Transition" - Directed by William Leonardo Melina
“Oh My God” - Directed by Federico Calabuig
“Remember Me?!” - Directed by Scott Sullivan
“Roger, the Chicken” - Directed by Matthew-Lee Erlbach
“Seriously?” - Directed by Allison Czach
“Squeeze” - Directed by Will Goodfellow
“Swooped” - Directed by ShaunPaul Costello
“The Elastic” - Directed by Eleanor Hutchins, Caleb Scott
“The Goose” - Directed by Craig Knowles
“The Oblique Sector” - Directed by Jason M. Reulet
“The Truth About Average Guys” - Directed by Ken Gayton
"The Wedding Party" (Australia)
“Tomboys” - Directed by Gretchen Almoughraby
“Vampire Vampire Vampire Vampire” - Directed by Brenton Stumpf
“Wanting Alex” - Directed by Chris Akers
“What’s Life Got To Do with It?” - Directed by Noah Weisberg
"Whatever it Takes" - Directed by Trish Needom

HCFF 2011 Award Nominations

Best Picture: Feature Film
  • “The Truth About Average Guys"
  • “Hair Rules"
  • “Just Like Us”
  • “Swooped”
  • “Dead Beat TV Vol.2”

Best Picture: Short Film
  • “Half Hearted"
  • “Inside Out”
  • “Chrysalis”
  • “Appy Ever After”
  • “The Goose”
  • “What’s Life Got to Do with It?”

Best Texas Film
  • “Deadbeat TV. Vol. 2”
  • “Seriously?”
  • “Lost in Transition”
  • “Behave”
  • “How to Be a Good Listener”
  • “Whatever it Takes”

Best Director
  • “April” Directed by Mike Piccirillo
  • “Swooped” Directed by Shaun Paul Costello & Joe Gariffo
  • “Hair Rules” Directed by Ryan Becken
  • “Air Sick Love” - Directed by Roderick Fenske
  • “The Truth About Average Guys” - Directed by Ken Gayton
  • “Vampire, Vampire, Vampire, Vampire” directed by Brenton Stumpf

Best Actor
  • Richard Ruiz in “Whats Life Got to Do With It”
  • Septimus Caton in “Appy Ever After"
  • Matthew-Lee Erlbach in “Roger the Chicken"
  • Zachary Mattson in "Chrysalis”
  • Jason Schaver in “The Truth About Average Guys”
  • Greg Bell in “Swooped”

Best Actress
  • Mallory Portnoy in “Roger, the Chicken"
  • Eleanor Hutchins in "The Elastic"
  • Anna Skellern in "Half Hearted”
  • Alyson Weaver in “Vampire, Vampire, Vampire”
  • Katharine Brandt in “Wanting Alex”
  • Marina Dimitra Yele in “Delivery Boy”

Best Ensemble Cast
  • “Seriously?”
  • “April”
  • “The Truth About Average Guys”
  • “Dead Beat Club TV Vol. 2”
  • “Swooped”
  • “Hair Rules”

Best Editing
  • “Goldenbox”
  • “The Goose”
  • “Appy Ever After”
  • “Inside Out”
  • “April”
  • “Abduct Me!”

Best Screenplay
  • “Roger the Chicken”
  • “Swooped”
  • “The Truth About Average Guys”
  • “The Elastic”
  • “Vampire, Vampire, Vampire, Vampire”
  • “Wanting Alex”

Best Original Music
  • “Chrysalis”
  • “Hair Rules”
  • “Vampire, Vampire, Vampire, Vampire”
  • “Swooped”

Best Cinematography
  • “Squeeze” - DP James Brown
  • “Goldenbox” - DP Sean Conaty
  • “April” - DP Roman Zenz
  • “Inside Out” - DP Alan Dean
  • “Appy Ever After” - DP Steve Arnold
  • “Half Hearted” - DP John Waters

Single Funniest Moment
  • “The Elastic”
  • “The Goose”
  • “Abduct Me!”
  • “Fantasy Night”
  • “Hard Rubbish”
  • “Appy Ever After”


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