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Houston Comedy Film Festival 2015 Official Selections

312 films from 32 countries were submitted and the HCFF judges narrowed it down to 30 short films and 3 full length feature films screened February 16-19, 2015 at the Alamo Drafthouse - Vintage Park in Houston, Texas. A little over 300 people attended the five sessions and there were plenty of laughs to go around. The world premiere of "Jonny's Sweet Revenge" and "Quad X: Rise of Beaver Slayer" got plenty of laughs and support from the Houston Community. Session 5 ended the festival with a great crowd that enjoyed the slate of short films. Many people came up to me afterwards and said that it was one of the best short film show cases that they had ever seen at a film festival, which is a huge compliment.

HCFF 2015 Awards Audience Choice Award: "Jonny's Sweet Revenge"Best Texas Film: "Jerico"Best Micro Short Film: "That's Not Mine"Best Short Film: "Gangland Book Clubs"Best Actor: Felix Gomez in "Somos Amigos&q…

"Dick Food" Micro Short Comedy Film: Houston Comedy Film Festival 2015 Official Selection

When the HCFF Judges are selecting Micro Short Films, they are looking for a quick laugh with a few good jokes. You don't need a lot of money or huge production value to be successful on the film circuit. It takes great creativity, a fun idea, and isn't afraid to offend a few people.

"Jonny's Sweet Revenge" Feature Film: Houston Comedy Film Festival 2015 Award Winner

Director Mark David's crazy comedy feature film "Jonny's Sweet Revenge" is still on the festival circuit, entertaining international audiences worldwide. The HCFF Screening was a sell out and a huge success. "Jonny's Sweet Revenge" won the Audience Choice Award, Best Picture and Best Director Awards. 
Watch the trailer: Jonny's Sweet Revenge

"Hypothetical 2" Houston Comedy Film Festival 2015 Official Selection

Jackson Tozer got everyone laughing again at the Houston Comedy Film Festival 2015. These Australian actors have sick minds, but they are hilarious. Director Nic Barker has a special talent for comedy directing and if he keeps this series going, he will be very successful. Cast and Crew: Alex Wakefield, Alice Fitzgerald, Claude Jabbour, Kevin Macleod, Lachlan Millsom, Martin Gubbins, Nic Barker, 

"Hypothetical" Houston Comedy Film Festival 2014 Official Selection

This film was a huge hit at the Houston Comedy Film Festival. Australian's have a special way with humor. Don't watch this if you are easily offended. Jackson Tozer could be a future global comedy star if he keeps performing like this. Cast and Crew: Abbey-Rose Leed, Claude Jabbour, Fiona Norman, Imbi Ling, Jackson Tozer, Kevin Macleod, Martin Gubbins, Nic Barker, Robert Mitchell,