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HCFF 2010 Official Selections

The 2010 HCFF was our first festival at the Alamo Drafthouse - West Oaks in Houston, Texas. We screened a ton of films over two days. It's good to know that the HCFF was not a one-hit-wonder, because our short film session was a sellout. Our judges did a great job selecting films, the HCFF was  one of the first festivals to accept "God of Love" which went on to win the Academy Award. "Ain’t a Thing But a Chicken Wing" - Houston, Texas“America the Beautiful” - Austin, Texas“Bad Language” - Sydney, Australia“Car Pool” - Houston, Texas“Channel 3 in HD” - Manhattan Beach, CA“Dolores” - Madrid, Spain“Falling Apart” - Palm Bay, Florida“Get Down Pat” - Portland, Oregon“God of Love” - Brooklyn, New York“Heels to the Pavement” - Omaha, Nebraska“I Owe My Life to Corbin Bleu” - Los Angeles, CA"Itch" - Houston, Texas“I Want Him Dead” - Valley Village, CA“I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life With You” - Madrid, Spain“Infidel Pig” - Los Angeles, CA“Jon Wuz Here” - H…