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HCFF 2009 Official Selections

It all started in 2009, the first ever "Houston Comedy Film Festival" (HCFF). When you present a film festival for the first time, it's difficult to tell how many people are going to show up. To our surprise, the event was great, it started on a Friday Night with a short film showcase that was a complete sellout at the Studio Movie Grill in Houston, Texas.
Short Films "6 Minutes of Brian Watts" directed by Brian Watts "Attack of the Brown Paper Bags" directed by Patrick Crowley "Banana Bread" directed by Barton Landsman "Bent" directed by Max Ricci "Blood from a Stone" directed by Bill Palmer "Calzone" directed by VincentDos Reis "Crooks" directed by Garrett Cillo "Dirty Sex" directed by GregEmmerth "Double Talk" directed by Randy White "Funky Pickles" directed by Will Moore "Generico presents: TheRecession-Proof Professional" directed by Steven Hoffner "Huntin’&q…