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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

HCFF Final Submission Deadline

Screening Dates: May 5-7, 2016

Notification Date: April 9th, 2016

Submission Deadline: March 31st, 2016

Attention filmmakers, submit your comedy films and screenplays to the Houston Comedy Film Festival by March 31st, 2016 for our final extended deadline. Save 15% on your submission fees when you use Film Freeway.

Use promo code: HCFF2016

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HCFF 2015 Official Selections

312 films from 32 countries were submitted and the HCFF judges narrowed it down to 30 short films and 3 full length feature films screened February 16-19, 2015 at the Alamo Drafthouse - Vintage Park in Houston, Texas. A little over 300 people attended the five sessions and there were plenty of laughs to go around. The world premiere of "Jonny's Sweet Revenge" and "Quad X: Rise of Beaver Slayer" got plenty of laughs and support from the Houston Community. Session 5 ended the festival with a great crowd that enjoyed the slate of short films. Many people came up to me afterwards and said that it was one of the best short film show cases that they had ever seen at a film festival, which is a huge compliment.

HCFF 2015 Awards
HCFF 2015 Official Selections

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Monday, January 20, 2014

HCFF 2014 Official Selections

HCFF 2014 Official Selections
  • “17 Minutes in Texas: The Zombie Apocalypse” Directed by Trey Huguley (Austin, TX)
  • “A Hard Day” Directed by Ryan Becken (Apple Valley, Minnesota)
  • “A Welshman’s Guide to Breaking Up” Directed by Keri Collins (United Kingdom)
  • “Brunch Bitch” Directed by Hannah Cheesman (Toronto, Canada)
  • “Campo de Fuerza” Directed by David Pareja (Spain)
  • “City of Dreams” Directed by Jacolby Percy, Seckeita Lewis (Dallas, Texas)
  • “Favorite Flower” Directed by Jeremy Sender (Los Angeles, California)
  • “Forget Me Not” Directed by Michael Beddoes (United Kingdom)
  • “Girl in a Coffee Shop” Directed by Shane Estep (Little Rock, Arkansas)
  • “Guinea Pigs” Directed by Scott Sullivan (Los Angeles, California)
  • Hypothetical” Nic Barker (Surrey Hills, Australia)
  • “Iniciacion a la fotografia” Directed by Nico Aguerre (Spain)
  • “L’Appuntamento” Directed by Gianpiero Alicchio (Rome, Italy)
  • “Lima Syndrome” Directed by Ryan Becken (Apple Valley, Minnesota)
  • “Little Man of Steel” Directed by Larry Ziegelman (Chicago, Illinois)
  • “Man Card” Directed by Nathan VonMinden (Houston, Texas)
  • “Merkin Penal” Directed by Mitch Rouse (Chicago, Illinois)
  • “Miedo a las Alturas” H.J Leonard (Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico)
  • “Minimus” Directed by Jonathan Hopkins (United Kingdom)
  • “Parent Pep Talk” Directed by Nathan VonMinden (Houston, Texas)
  • “People With Issues” Directed by Daniel Siegelstein (Austin, Texas)
  • “Push Up” David Galan Galindo (Spain)
  • “Scat Porn” Directed by Jon Merchen & Nick Oberlander (Sherman Oaks, CA)
  • “Sensei Clyde” Directed by Michael Fodera (Syosset, New York)
  • “Smithston” Directed by Craig Melville, (Australia)
  • “Sunday Rush” Directed by Nathan VonMinden (Houston, Texas)
  • “That Fucking Elevator” Directed by Jim Garvey (New York, New York)
  • “The Golden Ticket” Directed by Patrick Hagarty (Toronto, Canada)
  • “The Greatest Gatsby” Directed by Jeremy Sender (Los Angeles, California)
  • “The Henchmen” Directed by Nathan VonMinden (Richmond, Texas)
  • “There is No God And We All Die Alone” Directed by Harrison Givens (Los Angeles)
  • “Upstairs” Directed by Montana Mann (Los Angeles, California)
  • “Valse” Directed by Chris Keller (London, United Kingdom)
  • “Waiting Room” Directed by Nathan VonMinden (Houston, Texas)
  • “Water Lords” Directed by Henry Barrial (Venice, Florida)
  • “Worst Date Ever” Amy Wang (Sydney, Australia)

HCFF 2014 Screenplay Official Selections
  • “Ambulance” by Todd Selleck (Byron Center, Michigan)
  • “All Day and All Night” Written by Isabelle Brizec
  • “Baked Off” Written by Dana Whitney
  • “Batter Up” Written by Nathan Goldman
  • “Beyond the Pale” Written by Judy Klass
  • “Can't Mumbai Me Love” Written by Andrew Abdou
  • “Cuda” Written by Jeffrey Thomas
  • “Curb Your Enthusiasm: Accident” by David Schroeder (Miami, Florida)
  • “Customer Choice” by Steve Deery (Nottinghma, United Kingdom)
  • “Dad’s Right” by Tim Snook and Christopher Obal (Los Angeles, California)
  • “Disc Golf: The Legend of the Albino Squirrel Written by Tim Heflin
  • “eDisharmony" Written by Lorraine Portman
  • “Glazed” by Timothy Zollins (Mount Laurel, New Jersey)
  • "Grass Over The Fence" Written by Guia Peel
  • "I'm With the Band" written by Dana Whitney
  • "Leader Of The Pack" Written by Bruce Rose
  • "Lookin Up" Written by Marvin Kaplan
  • "Love Unscripted" Written by Judy Klass
  • “Mr. Rashid Turns 76” by Mohammad Zarafshan Araki (Australia)
  • "Men at Work" Written by Robert Griffith
  • “One Small Step for Neil” by Tracie Laymon (Houston, Texas)
  • “Sailbad the Sinner" Written by Jeffrey Thomas
  • “Sandy Mills” by Nathan Goldman (Houston, Texas)
  • “Saturday Afternoon at Bushwood” by Joe “Tuffy” Tofuri (San Antonio, Texas)
  • “Susan and the Company Picnic” by Julia Radochia (Arlington, Massachusetts)
  • “Teachers: The Movie” Written by Evan Lancia
  • “The Big Idea” by David Schroeder (Miami, Florida)
  • “The Golden Parachute" by Carl Keitz (Fountain Valley, California)
  • “The Heckler” Written by Mike Hanson
  • “The Want Ads” Written by Michael Rhodes
  • “Tornadic Activity Written by Austen Brauker
  • “Triple Threat” by Tracey Maye (Tempe, Arizona)
  • “Tyler Parody's Medeus' Diary of a Mad Black Woman's Big Happy Family Reunion's Witness Protection Christmas in Jail Written by Mike Reid

Thursday, January 20, 2011

HCFF 2011 Official Selections

“127 Seconds” - Directed by Chris Buongiorno
“Abduct Me!” - Directed by Lucien Knotter
“Air Sick Love” - Directed by Roderick Fenske
“Appy Ever After” - Directed by Rupert Le Poer Trench
“April” - Directed by Mike Piccirillo
“Behave” - Directed by Don Worley
“Bip, Bip” - Directed by Phillipe Gregoire
“Brown Duck” - Directed by Ryan Becken
“Chrysalis” - Directed by Zachary Mattson
“Connected” - Directed by Chris Connatty
“Deadbeat TV Vol. 2” (Selects) - Directed by Steven Katz
“Earthbound” - Directed by Jose Asuncion
"Face 2 Face" - Directed by Blake Van De Graaf
“Fantasy Night” - Directed by John Bessolo
“Flatmates 3.0” - Directed by Francesco Marisei
“Friday Night Tights” - Directed by Joonki Park
“GoldenBox” - Directed by Matt MacDonald
“Graffiti Box” - Directed by Andreas Goldfuss
“Hair Rules” - Directed by Ryan Becken
“Half Hearted” - Directed by Max McGill
“Hard Rubbish” - Directed by Steve Mitchell
"How to Be a Good Listener” - Directed by Michael Ofenheim
“Inside Out” - Directed by Taylor Rummell
"Just Like Us" - Directed by Ahmed Ahmed
"Left and Loose in THE LOT" (Sacramento, California)
"Lost in Transition" - Directed by William Leonardo Melina
“Oh My God” - Directed by Federico Calabuig
“Remember Me?!” - Directed by Scott Sullivan
“Roger, the Chicken” - Directed by Matthew-Lee Erlbach
“Seriously?” - Directed by Allison Czach
“Squeeze” - Directed by Will Goodfellow
“Swooped” - Directed by ShaunPaul Costello
“The Elastic” - Directed by Eleanor Hutchins, Caleb Scott
“The Goose” - Directed by Craig Knowles
“The Oblique Sector” - Directed by Jason M. Reulet
“The Truth About Average Guys” - Directed by Ken Gayton
"The Wedding Party" (Australia)
“Tomboys” - Directed by Gretchen Almoughraby
“Vampire Vampire Vampire Vampire” - Directed by Brenton Stumpf
“Wanting Alex” - Directed by Chris Akers
“What’s Life Got To Do with It?” - Directed by Noah Weisberg
"Whatever it Takes" - Directed by Trish Needom

HCFF 2011 Award Nominations

Best Picture: Feature Film
  • “The Truth About Average Guys"
  • “Hair Rules"
  • “Just Like Us”
  • “Swooped”
  • “Dead Beat TV Vol.2”

Best Picture: Short Film
  • “Half Hearted"
  • “Inside Out”
  • “Chrysalis”
  • “Appy Ever After”
  • “The Goose”
  • “What’s Life Got to Do with It?”

Best Texas Film
  • “Deadbeat TV. Vol. 2”
  • “Seriously?”
  • “Lost in Transition”
  • “Behave”
  • “How to Be a Good Listener”
  • “Whatever it Takes”

Best Director
  • “April” Directed by Mike Piccirillo
  • “Swooped” Directed by Shaun Paul Costello & Joe Gariffo
  • “Hair Rules” Directed by Ryan Becken
  • “Air Sick Love” - Directed by Roderick Fenske
  • “The Truth About Average Guys” - Directed by Ken Gayton
  • “Vampire, Vampire, Vampire, Vampire” directed by Brenton Stumpf

Best Actor
  • Richard Ruiz in “Whats Life Got to Do With It”
  • Septimus Caton in “Appy Ever After"
  • Matthew-Lee Erlbach in “Roger the Chicken"
  • Zachary Mattson in "Chrysalis”
  • Jason Schaver in “The Truth About Average Guys”
  • Greg Bell in “Swooped”

Best Actress
  • Mallory Portnoy in “Roger, the Chicken"
  • Eleanor Hutchins in "The Elastic"
  • Anna Skellern in "Half Hearted”
  • Alyson Weaver in “Vampire, Vampire, Vampire”
  • Katharine Brandt in “Wanting Alex”
  • Marina Dimitra Yele in “Delivery Boy”

Best Ensemble Cast
  • “Seriously?”
  • “April”
  • “The Truth About Average Guys”
  • “Dead Beat Club TV Vol. 2”
  • “Swooped”
  • “Hair Rules”

Best Editing
  • “Goldenbox”
  • “The Goose”
  • “Appy Ever After”
  • “Inside Out”
  • “April”
  • “Abduct Me!”

Best Screenplay
  • “Roger the Chicken”
  • “Swooped”
  • “The Truth About Average Guys”
  • “The Elastic”
  • “Vampire, Vampire, Vampire, Vampire”
  • “Wanting Alex”

Best Original Music
  • “Chrysalis”
  • “Hair Rules”
  • “Vampire, Vampire, Vampire, Vampire”
  • “Swooped”

Best Cinematography
  • “Squeeze” - DP James Brown
  • “Goldenbox” - DP Sean Conaty
  • “April” - DP Roman Zenz
  • “Inside Out” - DP Alan Dean
  • “Appy Ever After” - DP Steve Arnold
  • “Half Hearted” - DP John Waters

Single Funniest Moment
  • “The Elastic”
  • “The Goose”
  • “Abduct Me!”
  • “Fantasy Night”
  • “Hard Rubbish”
  • “Appy Ever After”

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HCFF 2010 Official Selections

The 2010 HCFF was our first festival at the Alamo Drafthouse - West Oaks in Houston, Texas. We screened a ton of films over two days. It's good to know that the HCFF was not a one-hit-wonder, because our short film session was a sellout. Our judges did a great job selecting films, the HCFF was  one of the first festivals to accept "God of Love" which went on to win the Academy Award.
  • "Ain’t a Thing But a Chicken Wing" - Houston, Texas
  • “America the Beautiful” - Austin, Texas
  • “Bad Language” - Sydney, Australia
  • “Car Pool” - Houston, Texas
  • “Channel 3 in HD” - Manhattan Beach, CA
  • “Dolores” - Madrid, Spain
  • “Falling Apart” - Palm Bay, Florida
  • “Get Down Pat” - Portland, Oregon
  • “God of Love” - Brooklyn, New York
  • “Heels to the Pavement” - Omaha, Nebraska
  • “I Owe My Life to Corbin Bleu” - Los Angeles, CA
  • "Itch" - Houston, Texas
  • “I Want Him Dead” - Valley Village, CA
  • “I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life With You” - Madrid, Spain
  • “Infidel Pig” - Los Angeles, CA
  • “Jon Wuz Here” - Houston, Texas
  • "Kacie’s Got a Gun"- Houston, Texas
  • “Los Four McNifikos” - Plentzia, Spain
  • “Los Gritones” - Madrid, Spain
  • “Maurine” - Berkeley, California
  • “Morning Honey” - Lyons, Colorado
  • “Ninjews” - Houston, Texas
  • “Nontourage” - Los Angeles, CA
  • “Pen Pals” - Houston, Texas
  • “Psyche on Melrose” - Los Angeles, CA
  • “Ready to Pop” - Kansas City, Missouri
  • “Seven Layer Dip” - Marina Del Rey, CA
  • “Sid & Mel” - Long Beach, CA
  • “Silverlake Video” - Los Angeles, CA
  • “Simpatia Do Limao” - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • “Sudden Death!” - Burbank, CA
  • “The Ballad of Ricardo Del Guapo”- Claremont, CA
  • “The Bedroom Philosopher: SoHungover” - Sydney, Australia
  • “The Buck Johnson Story” - Gainesville, Florida
  • “The Candidate” - Apple Valley, Minnesota
  • “The Jesus Workout” - Tujunga, CA
  • “The Jogger” - Cable Beach, Australia
  • "The More You Know" - Houston, Texas
  • “The Newest Pledge” - Los Angeles, CA
  • “The Overshare” - Tujunga, CA
  • “The Package” - Los Angeles, CA
  • "The Trixie Fixx" - Houston, Texas
  • “Why Weed is Better Than Sex” - Los Angeles, CA
  • “Wipe and Fold” - Chicago, Illinois
  • “WTFU” - New York, New York