Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall 2016: Houston Comedy Film Festival Official Selections

14 Pews Theater
800 Aurora Street
Houston, TX 77009
Event Date: October 22, 2016

HCFF Fall 2016 Films
  • “A Bumpy Ride”Directed by Chang Shu
  • “A Toast” Directed by Sam Casey
  • “Business Trip”Directed by Anthony Dillon
  • “Complimentary Breakfast” Directed by Conner Keesling
  • “Doomsday Ready' Directed by Mark Jackson
  • “Doucheahoilcs” Directed by Sean McCarthy
  • “Dr. Sunshine's Office - Episode 5: Dysfunction” Directed by Joel Salaysay
  • “El Audífono (The Earpiece)” Directed by Samuel Quiles Palop
  • “Exit Survey” Directed by Thom Harp
  • “Fair Games”Directed by Grant Moore
  • “Fanny Pack” Directed by Uttera Singh
  • “Gynecologist: The Musical” Directed by Andy Byrd
  • “Honey Pot” Directed by Merve Tekin
  • “Invisible Men Invade Earth” Directed by David Davis
  • “Marigolds” Directed by Jillian Acreman
  • “McClane” Directed by Stanley Sievers
  • “NAMCAR Night Race” Music Video Directed by Lance Khazei
  • “Ninja Kitchen” Directed by Yishan Lin
  • “Notorious Corn”Directed by Mallory Grolleau
  • “Now's A Bad Time” Directed by Michael Oberst
  • “Only Wanna Party” Directed by Brian Kohne
  • “One Champion” Directed by JohnMark Triplett
  • “Smooth Moves” Directed by Chris Beauchamp & Cris Seppola-Podsada
  • “The Bitters Truth” Directed by Trey Huguley & Andrew Porter
  • “The Box Boy” Directed by Jesse Salazar III
  • “The Cinefiles” Directed by Gonzalo Ladines & Bruno Alvarado
  • “The Driving Seat” Directed by Phil Lowe
  • “The Focus Group” Directed by Heather Fink
  • “The Government is Watching” Directed by Skyler Smith & David Nobles
  • “The Party Pooper” Directed by Kurt Schneider
HCFF Fall 2016 Screenplays
  • “Actors Anonymous” written by Marilyn Swick
  • “Bad Weather” wrtten by Troy Graham
  • “Deli Takeout (Pilot Episode of Brooklyn Deli)” written by Jim Norman
  • “God's Psychiatrist” written by Stephen M. Hunt
  • “Jaguars” written by Adrienne Dawes
  • “Kites” written by Derrick Ferguson
  • “Princess Pussy” written by Renee Sevier
  • “Sweet Therapy” written by Laura Koons
  • “The Day The Earth Stood Awkwardly” written by Troy Graham
  • “The End” written by Kelly Jean Karam
  • “The Poor Man's Agent” written by Tyler Cochran

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Houston Comedy Film Festival 2016 Award Nominations

The Houston Comedy Film Festival 2016 will take place on Friday Night, May 6th, 2016 

Time: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Place: 14 Pews Theater, 800 Aurora St Houston TX 77009

HCFF 2016 Nominations for Best Micro Short Film
  1. "Be Yourself Cafe" Directed by Mark Kiefer (Boston, MA)
  2. "6 Trillion Dollar Man" Directed by Jeff Wish
  3. "Action Inc." Directed by Julia Myers (Silver Springs, MD)
  4. "Chinese Treachery" Directed by Jake Balfour-Lynn (London, UK)
  5. "Lanky Scoliosis" Directed by Tim Murray (New York, NY)

HCFF 2016 Nominations for Best Short Film
  1. Get the Hell Out” Directed by Regan Arevalos, Jess Castro, Larry Garza (Selma, Texas)
  2. Native Immigration” Directed by Eric Romero (Barcelona, Spain)
  3. Think Twice” Directed by Eliaz Rodriguez (Chicago, Illinois)
  4. At Last” Directed by Anna Skrypka (Los Angeles, California)
  5. Blind Date Rules” by Directed Christine Chen (Austin, Texas)

HCFF 2016 Nominations for Best Feature Film
  1. “Driving While Black” Directed by Paul Sapiano (Los Angeles, California) - Trailer 
  2. “Just like in the Movies” Directed by Gonzalo Ladines (Lima, Peru) Trailer
  3. “Fun With Hackley: Axe Murderer” Directed by T.E Sanders (Austin, Texas) - Trailer
2016 HCFF Nominations for Best Actor
  1. Charles Ancelle in “At Last”
  2. Tim Murray in “Lanky Scoliosis”
  3. Allen Hackley in “Fun with Hackley: Axe Murderer”
  4. Manuel Gold in “Just Like in the Movies”
  5. Dominique Purdy in “Driving While Black”
2016 HCFF Nominations for Best Actress
  1. Lisa Goodman in “At Last”
  2. Brie Eley in “Blind Date Rules”
  3. Arianna Danae in “Be Yourself Cafe”
  4. Cheronda Gunn in “Introducing Courtney”
  5. Tamara Chambers in “Think Twice”
2016 HCFF Nominations for Best Supporting Actress
  1. Natasha Ong in "Native Immigration"
  2. Stephanie Minchew in “Blind Date Rules”
  3. Gloria Garayua in “Driving While Black”
  4. Gisela Ponce de Leon in “Just Like in the Movies”
  5. Michelle Ellen Jones in “Fun With Hackley: Axe Murderer”
2016 HCFF Nominations for Best Supporting Actor
  1. Jess Castro in “Get the Hell Out”
  2. Omar J Lewis “Introducing Courtney”
  3. Ryland Johnson in “Blind Date Rules”
  4. Trey Huguley in “Fun With Hackley: Axe Murderer”
  5. Chris Grace in “Lanky Scoliosis”
HCFF 2016 Nominations for Best Cinematography
  1. Gavin Blyth for “Jinxed”
  2. Bryant Janson for “Driving While Black”
  3. Alex Walker for “Blind Date Rules”
  4. Hector Bojorquez “Get the Hell Out”
  5. Larry McKee "Fun With Hackley"
HCFF 2016 Nominations for Best Director
  1. Paul Sapiano “Driving While Black”
  2. Tim Sanders “Fun With Hackley: Axe Murderer”
  3. Christine Chen “Blind Date Rules”
  4. Eric Romero “Native Immigration”
HCFF 2016 Nominations for Best Editing
  1. “ArachNO!” By Alex Mangen
  2. “Military Men: Seize The Snow Mountain Castle” Philip and Gottfrid Helander
  3. “Fun With Hackley: Axe Murderer” by Trey Huguley and Tim Sanders
  4. “Hardscrabble Woman” by Olga and Vira Ishchuk
  5. “6 Trillion Dollar Man” by Jeff Wish
HCFF 2016 Nominations for Best Original Music
  1. Ben Frankhauser for “Lanky Scoliosis”
  2. Nami Melumad for “At Last”
  3. Nick Longoria for “Blind Date Rules”
  4. Christopher Doucet for “Shoe”
  5. Mark Derrico for “Think Twice”
HCFF 2016 Nominations for Best Comedy Short Screenplay
  1. “Riley” by Tracey Maye (Houston, Texas)
  2. “Happy F!*#ing Valentine's Day” by Sheila Schroeder (Englewood, Colorado)
  3. “If These Walls Could Talk” by Troy Graham (Australia)
  4. “Everybody Has a Thing” by Allan George (New Zealand)
  5. “The Plan” by Srihari Saravanan (India)
HCFF 2016 Nominations for Best Comedy Feature Length Screenplay
  1. “Misprints” by Adam Preston (United Kingdom)
  2. “Man Seeking Monkey” by Steve Mikals (Redvale, Colorado)
  3. “Ark of Dreams” by Stephon Thomas (Los Angeles, California)
  4. “Dirty Real, The Bukowski Biopic” by Phillip Hardy (Austin, Texas)
  5. “Shut Up & Twirl” by Draven Gonzalez (San Antonio, Texas)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

HCFF 2016 Official Selections

I want to give a special thank you message to everyone that submitted films to the Houston Comedy Film Festival. We never imagined when we started this film festival in 2008 that it would grow to this size. There were over 500+ submissions combined with Screenplays and Films. So many of these decisions are difficult and our Notification Date has been delayed by two days. We make sure that every film is watched from the beginning to the end by 12 judges before making final decisions. 12 judges read every letter of every screenplay from the Title to the End, before making a final decision. We take this process seriously and understand the investment that each filmmaker has made in time, energy, creativity and money. We are filmmakers ourselves, and we treat all of you, the way we would want a film festival to treat us. All submissions will be announced on Monday April 11th, 2016 (instead of April 9th) for all categories. We have some of the categories decided. Please refresh this page in order to get the latest update.

HCFF 2016 Feature Film Official Selections

“Fun With Hackley: Axe Murderer” Directed by T.E Sanders - Trailer
“Just like in the Movies” Directed by Gonzalo Ladines - Trailer
“Driving While Black” Directed by Paul Sapiano - Trailer
2016 HCFF Short Film Official Selections
  1. “At Last”
  2. “Blind Date Rules”
  3. “Bwown Bugg”
  4. “Chiefin' for Charity”
  5. “Get the Hell Out”
  6. “Introducing Courtney"
  7. “Jinxed”
  8. “Lion's Den (Dr. Lee)"
  9. “Native Immigration”
  10. “Shoe”
  11. 'That´s Why I Don´t Have brothers”
  12. “The Holy Cave”
  13. 'Think Twice”
  14. “You're an Idiot”
2016 HCFF Funny Music Video Official Selections
  1. “When He Loves” Directed by Cecilia G
  2. “Hardscrabble Woman” Directed by Olga and Vira Ishchuk "Mad Twins"
  3. “Batttered N Bruised Gooch” Directed by Muza Del Rey and Draz De Marco
  4. “Mirror Lies” Directed by Adam Rosenberg
2016 HCFF Microshort Films Official Selections
  1. “6 Trillion Dollar Man” Directed by Jeff Wish*
  2. “A Piece of the Pie” Directed by Bryan Brooks
  3. “Accelerator” Directed by Sean Cablining
  4. “Action, Inc.”Directed by Julia Myers
  5. “ArachNO!'” Directed by Alex Mangen
  6. “Bad Connections” Directed by Romina Schwedler
  7. “Be Yourself Cafe” Directed by Mark Kiefer
  8. “Chinese Treachery” Directed by Jake Balfour-Lynn
  9. “I Am Fairy” Directed by James Vinson
  10. “Lanky Scoliosis” Directed by Tim Murray
  11. “Military Men: Seize the Snow Mountain Castle” Directed by Philip and Gottfrid Helander*
  12. “Morning Shift” Directed by Gary Weeks
  13. “Mystery Weight” Directed by Craig April
  14. “Name Drop” by Songo Adoki
  15. “The Problem with Group Texts” Directed by Cody Tidmore
  16. “The TokeBuddy” Directed by Miles Dahl
  17. “Tara Lupenetti, Dog Matchmaker” Directed by Amanda Jaros
  18. “The Other Kennedys: Tennis” Directed by Shane Tilston
* indicates Animated Film

2016 HCFF Feature Film Screenplay Official Selections
  1. “Ark of Dreams” Written by Stephen James Thomas
  2. “Dirty Real, The Bukowski Biopic” Written by Phillip Hardy
  3. “Don't Forget Plan B.” Written by Todd Selleck
  4. “Eli's Dream” Written by Ken Ross
  5. “Just Like In The Movies” Written by Gonzalo Ladiness
  6. “Man Seeking Monkey” Written by Steve Milkas
  7. “Misprints” Written by Adam Preston
  8. “Pearland Pizzeria” Written by Jeremy George
  9. “Renaissance Man” Written by Robert Tolz
  10. “Scufflegrit” Written by Joseph Colby Doler
  11. “Shut Up & Twirl” Written by Draven Gonzalez
  12. “The Audit” Written by Vince Grittani
  13. “The Body” Written by Sally Shepard
  14. “The Charlottetown Jackhammer Imbroglio” Written by Marc Lalonde
  15. “Walking Speed” Written by Frank Frattini
2016 HCFF Short Film Screenplay Official Selections
  1. “The Wordsmith” by Matthew Holy
  2. “Toledo Brown and the Trinket of Time” by Troy Graham
  3. “Riley“ by Tracey Maye
  4. “Bad PUSSY” by Lester Mingo
  5. “N.E.E.T. Freak” by Kristin Ruff-Frederickson
  6. “This Is Not A Mugging” by Mike O'Dowd
  7. “Happy F!*#ing Valentine's Day” by Sheila Schroeder
  8. “If These Walls Could Talk' by Troy Graham
  9. “Terms and Conditions” by Bradford N. Smith
  10. “Everybody Has a Thing” by Allan George
  11. “Gas Station Condoms” by Wynn Riechert
  12. “Adrift” by Stuart Creque
  13. “Becoming Bigfoot” by Sean Whitley
  14. “Baggage” by Andrea Behring
  15. “Doorlocker” by Tony DiSibio
  16. “Quarantine“ by Wesley Mullins
  17. “Bad Heir Day” by Jeffery Field
  18. “Craig's List” by W. Mark Dendy
  19. “Kosher Delicate Lesson” (Pilot Episode of Max's Deli Series) by Jim Norman
  20. “Schedule Change” by Scott Patterson
  21. “Village Bakery” by John Zeng
  22. “When Life Gives You Lemons” by Michael Brian Montgomery
  23. “Happy Accidents” by Nathan Zoebl, Ben Bailey and Eric Boso
  24. “The Plan” written by Srihari Saravanan
  25. “A Mild Space Invasion” by Jennifer Renner

Saturday, April 2, 2016 Mockumentary Series to be launched by Michael Fertik and Martin Sweeney

Houston Comedy Film Festival Alums, Martin Sweeney and Michael Fertik bring high production value to a great mockumentary series. Here is there official release:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HCFF 2015 Official Selections

312 films from 32 countries were submitted and the HCFF judges narrowed it down to 30 short films and 3 full length feature films screened February 16-19, 2015 at the Alamo Drafthouse - Vintage Park in Houston, Texas. A little over 300 people attended the five sessions and there were plenty of laughs to go around. The world premiere of "Jonny's Sweet Revenge" and "Quad X: Rise of Beaver Slayer" got plenty of laughs and support from the Houston Community. Session 5 ended the festival with a great crowd that enjoyed the slate of short films. Many people came up to me afterwards and said that it was one of the best short film show cases that they had ever seen at a film festival, which is a huge compliment.

HCFF 2015 Awards
HCFF 2015 Official Selections

Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Dick Food" a Micro Short with great laugh, straight to the point.

When the HCFF Judges are selecting Micro Short Films, they are looking for a quick laugh with a few good jokes. You don't need a lot of money or huge production value to be successful on the film circuit. It takes great creativity, a fun idea, and isn't afraid to offend a few people.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Director Mark David's "Jonny's Sweet Revenge" wins multiple awards at the HCFF 2015

Director Mark David
Director Mark David's crazy comedy feature film "Jonny's Sweet Revenge" is still on the festival circuit, entertaining international audiences worldwide. The HCFF Screening was a sell out and a huge success. "Jonny's Sweet Revenge" won the Audience Choice Award, Best Picture and Best Director Awards. 

Watch the trailer: Jonny's Sweet Revenge